5 Golden Tips for Skin Care at Home

skin care at homeSo interesting the way our nature we are born with different genes, in fact, every person is unique. This applies to everything, from the size of the nose, to how you will look in 18, 30 and 60 years.

We are unable to change what we have been given (except to spend money on plastic surgery, but we all know that this trick only disfigures women). We can only learn how to care for their appearance, in particular facial skin at home.

Some of it oily, others dry and thin, it is believed that in modern conditions the normal skin is very rare. The Skin can behave differently depending on the time of year and temperature and weather conditions.

How to do daily care for your skin effectively?

1. Determine The Skin Type

Oily skin

The skin of this type is usually thicker, pores are visible and enlarged. The skin has a greasy luster, due to which collects all the dirt and dust that is why oily skin often suffers from rashes and acne.

Dry skin

In contrast to the oily dry skin type has a fine structure, transparency and opacity. It is susceptible to irritations that may peel and feel “tightness”.

Normal skin

The contents of moisture and fat in the skin of this type is balanced, so it is the least trouble-free care and long looks young.

Combination skin

In this type of skin area, T-zone usually oily skin, in eyes, at the temples and chin may be dry skin. Skin can look heterogeneous may be sensitive to cosmetics.

2. Rules of Face Care at Home

To ensure that the skin is protected from environmental influences and look flawless, you need first to clean, second; tone, and third; moisturize / nourish. All the Facials you can do at home.

To perform all these actions have in the morning and evening, with the only difference that the morning; after cleansing and toning the skin, we moisturize, and in the evening; we feed. Don’t think you can do without the first two paragraphs and just start to apply make-up cream.

3. Your Skin Type is Not Forever

Skin type can change during life, therefore, and cosmetics need to pick up based on how your skin feels and looks now. Summer is usually any type of skin produces more grease in winter it is more dry. On the sebaceous glands is also affected by hormones and nutrition. For example, with the advent of menopause, the skin becomes dry, and the addition in the diet of polyunsaturated fatty acids – makes dry skin normal.

4. Features of Facial Care According to Skin Types

If you use cosmetics of mass-market, check the contents of products. Try to choose the most natural funds.

  • For oily skin do not use toners with alcohol;
  • For dry skin choose a mild non-aggressive cleansing and tonics;
  • In the summer do not go outside without a protective moisturizer and in the winter without the fatty nutritious.

5. How to Apply The Cream

Any type of the skin does not rub with cleansing or toning, all the movements should be light and smooth. Need to wash first with warm water, then it is possible to reduce the temperature slightly.

  • Temperature helps opening the pores with warm water. They will open easier and you can clean the skin much better.
  • The cream should be applied to the face and neck with gentle movements in certain directions.

Several times a week, apply on the skin natural oils for rejuvenation (argan oil, rose light cream, evening primrose). This must be done in the evening, apply on wet skin by massage movements.

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