Acne skin care secrets

Acne can really be a pain in the neck and a disaster for the skin. However, women with acne need not be frustrated as there are some amazing acne treatments that can help remove acne and reveal the secret to your beauty


Wash your face with a lot of water

The main solution of acne is water. You need to wash your face with a lot of cold water and also drink a lot of water in order to get rid of acne and pimples. Washing helps to get rid of the dirt clogged around your nose and reduces pimple. Cold Water also helps to tighten the pores of the skin so that diet does not accumulate.

Do not scratch

Scratching can cause acne to break off and spread the infection all around. Thus you should never scratch acne when it is growing. Avoid hand contact with your face for better results.

Do not put on lot of make up

If you have acne prone skin then it is advisable not to put on too much of makeup. Make up tends to clog the pores of the skin and helps in formation of acne. Cosmetics should be free from oily eye shadows, blush on, or heavy moisturizer.

These are the different ways in which you can take of acne prone skin. Try it out and you would definitely see a difference to your skin this summer.

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