Beautiful Skin Recipes

Tomato and pepper

3 tomatoes and bell peppers cut into 5, add the olives, fresh herbs (dill, celery), squeeze the garlic, sprinkle with olive oil. Pickle salad is not recommended – it is better to add any sour juice and seasonings (herbs).

Salad of sour (or fresh) cabbage with nettles

100g sauerkraut, 70g nettles, egg, olive oil. Nettle (blanched) finely chopped, add to sauerkraut, to put the chopped hard-boiled egg, sprinkle with olive oil and mix.

Black currant in powdered sugar

Take 2 cups of black currant, 2 egg whites 6 tablespoons powdered sugar. Beat the whites to a froth, and then mixed with cooled boiled water. Moisten the resulting mass of currants, roll in powdered sugar and pour on a baking sheet. Dry the oven at the lowest temperature. Get a tasty, like candied fruit, but it is best to eat fresh currants, like all fruits and vegetables. The main thing that all the products that make us beautiful and healthy, were fresh, clean and natural.

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