Beauty secrets for teenagers

Teenagers are people who like to dress up and wear make up and look good. However, they are not aware of all kinds of makeup and brands. Here are some great beauty secrets for teenagers that you would like to know


 Do not wear the beauty foundation

 If you have pimples on the skin, the most teenagers are usually prone to; you should avoid putting on makeup. Make up helps to clog the pores of the skin and thus more acne and pimples are formed. You can cover spots with a concealer and then with a moisturizer.

Highlight your eyes and lips

 You should always try and highlight your lips and your eyes. This is the most attractive part of the face. However, you should highlight with the help of expert hands because you would appear like a clown if it were too heavily highlighted. The lipstick should be glossy and bright as well.

Lighten your look

 If you have really dark hair, then you should try and lighten your make up by a little shade. Again, if you have light hair, then try out spotlights that would help to focus on your face. Numerous teenagers lighten up their hair with different tints and appear with a flashy make up. Vaseline can be great for your lip as they make your lips moisturized and glowing. Try out these teenager secrets and you would look great in a  party.

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