Beauty secrets for your hair

Are you worried that you may turn bald in your old age? That is very obvious with the diet patterns and the stressful conditions that the people of the present generation seem to follow. Here are some beauty secrets that will help you to have long and thick hair.


Always keep your hair clean

It is important to keep your hair clean and free from dandruff. This also triggers hair loss and helps hair fall at a steady pace. Excess dirt and oily scalp can cause hair fall and also acne and pimple formation on the scalp. Shampoo regularly and use a conditioner so that your scalp is not dry.

Trim your hair regularly

It is important to trim your hair regularly as, if hair is not trimmed on a regular basis, split ends may occur and the hair may thin at a faster pace. It is important to trim hair at least one half on an inch on a monthly basis.

Have proper food, rest and exercise

You should always take proper amount of Vitamin C and B for good hair growth. Also eat healthy food that contains a balanced amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as water content. Your food should comprise of green leafy vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and egg, nuts and more.

Last but not the least, have patience. Good hair growth needs time and patience as well. Do not feel that your hair would grow in the spur of the moment. It would require time and care. And have a proper sleep and rest as well.

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