Beauty Secrets Of Korean Stars

We have already told, what is the common Korean skin care routine?  In this article, we will present the beauty secrets of Korean Stars.

Korean Stars work so hard that their skin is exposed to constant stress. Even if the artist has a good skin; the endless shooting, photo sessions and concerts require multi-layered make-up. How Korean stars manage to look so good even without makeup? This question is often heard by artists. Fortunately, some of them ready to solve the mystery!

Tiffany Hwang

“The main thing is fully take care of ourselves” – says Tiffany. “If you want to be beautiful, you need to make some effort. I try to go to bed early and get up too early. If necessary, I use an anti-aging creams, and I always drink plenty of water. ”

Park Min Young

The singer has written a tweet about the secrets of her beautiful skin on twitter. According to singer, the most important think is sleeping enough. She tries to allocate sufficient time to sleep, regardless of the load and the density of the graph. “Do not forget to eat right” – said in her blog. If you are not relaxing, try to eat detox foods.


She always respects a few rules before go to bed. For Seohyun, particularly important step is moisturizing in daily care. She never forgets to apply moisturizer mask before going to bed. In addition, she is always use richly moisturizer products for her skin. In addition, she always applies richly moisturizer products for her skin. She uses nourishing facial oils.

Im Yoona

For Yuna, the main secret of beauty is skin care routines and clean face, she pays particular attention to hygiene.

Because of frequent fatigue, my skin is generally dry and dehydrated. Therefore, I earnestly use moisturizer creams. I choose the most effective moisturizing creams and generally use some organic cosmetic products.

In order to improve the receiving capacity of the skin, I moist a my face with small the towel, I squeeze it and put on my face for a few minutes.

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