Benefits of Honey in Skincare


The benefits of products obtained from nature are unlimited. Such is the case with honey, which has been used in the skincare regime since time immemorial.

Not only is honey a natural sweetener and good for your stomach but also mixing honey in any skin mask can work wonders. With essential nutrients, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic, honey is very useful. Given below are the specific usefulness’s.

For skin:

Honey works wonders when used in skincare products. It is a natural moisturizer. Due to lack of humidity when the skin turns dry honey can help to regain the suppleness naturally. It acts as a pore cleanser as it removes the bacteria and protects the skin from acorns. Honey acts as an anti-aging agent and therefore can be consumed both internally and externally. Other than providing the nourishment, it exfoliates, and cleans the skin from inside. It protects from sunburn and works as lip balm too. So, applying honey on the skin in circular movements and washing it off after 15-20mins or using it in face packs would lead you to achieve a radiant skin naturally.

For Hair:

Honey works as magic on the hair. One can find honey in many of the beauty products available in the market. Honey, first and foremost works brilliantly as a hair conditioner to provide instant shine to the rough and dry hair. It can be used along with the shampoo to bring the smoothness, volume and bounce to the hair. It is unknown to many that honey works as a natural highlighter. Honey mixed with plain water if applied on hair once every week, the glucose oxidizes and produces hydrogen peroxide, which lightens the hair shade.

For Nails:

Due to negligence, at times there occurs a problem of hardening of the cuticles of the nail, in many. In this case as honey, helps in retaining moisture, it softens the cuticle and keeps the nails soft and hydrated. Mixed with coconut oil if applied regularly around the nails, in matter of weeks they would turn pretty and smooth.

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