Blackheads and easiest ways to get rid of them

The little black spots around your nose, which looks like tiny hair follicles and does not go away easily increasing your worries, are these nasty blackheads.

Due to the accumulation of dust and pollutants inside the open pores of the oily areas around the face results in these clogged up blackheads. This article would give you ways and means to get rid of them, the homemade way.

Way 1:

After waking up every morning, cleaning the face with a nice face wash should be maintained daily. Next step would be applying an astringent lotion using a cotton ball or a tissue on the T-zone, the area most prone to blackhead formation. Finally make a thick paste using baking soda and water and apply it over the area. Keeping that for 5 minutes scrub it off nicely for better results. Following this method at least twice a week would be helpful.

Way 2:

The other proven way is steaming and exfoliating. Using hot water steam would help to open up the pores and cleaning them would be easy. A towel map be dipped and squeezed in hot water and applied on the affected area for few minutes. Then putting on a mask made of oatmeal and yoghurt on the area and scrubbing off the pores clean would help remove the black heads. Rinsing this in Luke warm water and repeating the procedure twice a week would be beneficial.

Way 3:

The scrubbing off of pores works best in case of blackheads and white heads. The best option is activated charcoal when mixed water and applied. But as charcoal is not available always, Coffee acts as the closest substitute. Freshly grounded coffee beans if mixed with coconut oil and used as a regular scrub it would not only exfoliate the blackheads out but would also work as a wonderful moisturizer for the area.

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