Chocolate for your Beautiful Skin

The first thought that comes into one’s head when one hears the word “chocolate” is “yum”. But chocolate can work wonders for your beauty routine is surprising, isn’t it?

Many spas across the world would give you a full body chocolate treatment for your makeover. So we bring to you the benefits of chocolate.  This article would guide you how chocolate can be a beauty product for both skin and hair.

Chocolate Body and Face Massage:

Dry, dull and rough skin can be instantly rejuvenated using chocolate. Along with being one of the best moisturizers, chocolate is a great scrubber. The vitamins like A, B1, C, D, and E, minerals, iron, calcium; potassium and sodium in chocolate work as a magical touch on the skin. It not only keeps the skin soft and smooth but also repairs the skin from inside, rejuvenating the epidermis. Mixing chocolate with milk and almond dust or brown sugar acts as the best scrub. It exfoliates the skin and removes the dead cells. Finally it makes the skin smooth and fresh.

Chocolate Pedicure:

Dry and chapped feet are a nightmare. For few it’s a seasonal problem, few face it all the year round.  Chocolate pedicure comes to rescue in this case. You can reach out to a professional or even make an instant homemade remedial pack. All you would need is liquid chocolate, almond oil and honey. Cleaning your feet properly, applying them and letting them dry and finally washing them off would give you a pair of soft foot.

Chocolate Hair Mask:

To increase the shine of the hair there might be nothing as good as dark chocolate. The zinc, iron and various other minerals help in the hair growth and give your hair the required volume. Hence, not only a good mood maker edible product, chocolate is one of the exotic skincare and hair care product too. So eat and let your skin and hair get the optimum benefits too.

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