Don’t Turn Your Back to Your Back

Along the hair and skin and the manicure pedicure, the whole body requires equal attention. Especially in the dry season when the skin starts to chap the body calls for special care; and the beauty is incomplete unless each and every part of your body, from the tip of the hair to the nail of your toe is attended to.

This article lets you know how to take care of your back the most neglected part of your body, which is generally away from your vision zone.

The small Problems:

The very common problem that is seen is the issue of acne on your back. It is one of the basic and universal problem that people irrespective of their gender needs to go through. The initial reason of this problem other than improper cleansing is the conditioner that you apply on the hair. When the hair is not properly washed and the conditioner retains on it it happens with your back. The little condition that gets spread on your back retains and gives rise to acnes.

Scrub and Clean:

Our back also requires proper scrubbing and cleansing like our face. The impurities that accumulates being prone to the pollution and dust results in black spots and pigmentation. Even exposure to sun rays lead to the tanning of the skin. This can be prevented if the skin is properly scrubbed and cleansed. By using a body scrub and a cleansing get at least twice a week may give better results.

Final care:

Our own hands can’t always properly reach to our back and therefore we ought to take the help of others. Visiting a massage parlor or calling for a home service might help. Sesame oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, avocado oil is beneficial for such massages. Mixing your oil of choice with any scrub and using it, as a pack would also work.  Moisturizing after everyday bath is also mandatory.

Following this in your regular routine can give you a soft, supple and beautiful back and also the confidence to wear that backless dress that has been stacked up in your wardrobe for years.

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