Facts you should know about sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs to be well maintained and taken care of, as they are prone to allergies, rashes and infections. Sensitive skin is found in all ages of women and they may be in all parts of the body.


How can you understand that your skin is sensitive?

How can you understand that your skin is sensitive? There are times when you would experience redness on your skin when you apply various kinds of creams, lotions or hair remover. Change of color in the skin means that your skin is sensitive and allergic to creams and lotions and you need to avoid them. Also, there are small bumps that may occur on applying lotions, this means that your skin is not responding well to the lotion.

Stinging and burning

Stinging and burning is also a manifestation of irritation and inflammation of sensitive skin. Have you ever realized that your skin has become red just after shaving? This means that you have sensitive skin that needs to be taken special care of with special products. You can apply herbal products for sensitive skin so that inflammation does not take place. Try it out and you may feel the difference.

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