Foods for Beautiful Skin

In principle, nothing complicated. The feeder cells of our body – all what they want? That’s right – vitamins and minerals. And what nourish the skin cells? By the same!

So a balanced and adequate food can often be the solution to the problem.  And what is most often caused by health problems? Again, improper nutrition, so revise your diet and correct habits in food preparation nobody hurt. Sometimes it is enough to add some products to eliminate the other, to change the way of cooking food and health is improving.

The skin may begin to dry and peel off if the power is not enough carbohydrates, and lack of fat deprives the skin smoothness and elasticity. It helps the absorption of fats, vitamin A; if it is not enough, even the spring sun makes the skin better, and only the old. The main sources of vitamin A are bright (red, orange) vegetables and fruits.


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