Foot Care Tips At Home

foot care tipsIf you have an ingrown nail, then deal with this illness can be relatively painless with a solution of youxun that you can buy in the pharmacy without prescription or in a beauty salon. This medication contains iodine, which dries the ingrown corner, and glycerin softens these places. Lubricate this medication side holes of the thumb several times a day. To soften the ingrown corner of the nail you can, if you regularly lubricate them with antibacterial ointment. You can use another equally effective method. Take in equal amounts of glycerin and vinegar, stir and bury the mixture with a pipette or glass medical sticks in the holes of the thumb. Such daily treatments for months, dried the skin in the corners of the finger, the pain will decrease.

If the ingrown nail is bothering you so much, don’t try to remove it yourself, as you risk to put in the inner layer of skin any infection, because, most likely, your pedicure tools are not sterile. Seek help from a doctor or an experienced pedicure master who will help you painlessly remove ingrown edges.

How to treat and remove corns at home?

Formed on the foot “corns”, you can remove yourself, and with regular care and even prevent their formation. Corns appear on the toes and sides of feet, causing a lot of trouble. Many women are taking such education for corn, but this is a misconception. Very often the reason for the formation of “corns” is too tight shoes with rigid insoles. In addition, the “corns” may appear in the case, if disturbed blood circulation in the legs. To deal with these formations is very difficult, but to remove the discomfort will help special oil compresses that are recommended to do at night.

Paraffin treatment for feet

Foot care with paraffin treatments are also very effective. Quite often our feet, experiencing tremendous overload of inconvenient and impractical shoes, heels, are in terrible condition. Feet skin coarsens, inflamed and cracked, there are blisters and “corns”. After several sessions of the same paraffin foot in the adult female resemble the silky legs of the child.

However, we should not forget that paraffin, like any other heat treatments, has its own specific contraindications. With them definitely need to see before you go to the salon or to take up independent procedures. Common contraindications include hypertension, infectious diseases and diabetes. Other diseases hinder the local applications. For example, girls with hypertrichosis — “increased hairiness” — not recommended for heat application to the abdomen, in the projection area of the ovaries. Pustular lesions are a contraindication to the use of paraffin face. And varicose veins of the lower extremities will cause some time to think about the feasibility of paraffin feet.

If you noticed on the skin of the fingers or inside foot rubs, or inflammation, make the feet a nice warm bath of decoction of pine needles or infusion of dried chamomile flowers.

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