Homemade face packs for oily skin

Oily skin comes with acne, pimples, skin blemishes and sebaceous filaments and this is a terrible thing when concerned with skin. Is it possible to fight the oil and make your skin feel fresh and glowing?  Homemade face packs are the best option.


Here are some face packs that can help in reducing oily skin

Face pack made with curd and Chickpeas

Make a paste with 3 teaspoons full of curd and 2 teaspoons of chickpeas. You can also put some lemon in it for bleaching purpose. The paste should be little thick consistency. Apply the paste all over your face in an even manner in circular movements and let it dry off. Rinse it off with cold water. Your face will feel taut and firm and would be free of oils as well.

A face pack with mint

Mint leaves are a very good ingredient for oily skin Take some mint leaves and some honey and grind it well to make a smooth paste. Apply this face pack to your face till it dries off and then wash with cold water. This is a great face pack for oily skin as well and the mint leaves would help your face to cool off.

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