How can you exfoliate extra dry skin?

Exfoliation helps to clean your skin thoroughly and remove all the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, and instead fresh new skin cells are generated. Many people are of the fact that exfoliation tends to dry the skin, but at the same time dry skin can also be exfoliated.


The best Exfoliate for dry skin       

Exfoliates contain glycerin’s, retinol A, nourishing fruit enzymes and glycolic acid. First wash your face with warm water or take a steam bath so that the pores of the skin open up. Then gently cleanse the skin with a soft cleanser. Apply the Exfoliate and massage in circular motions all across the cheeks, foreheads, chins and nose. Now wash with cold water to close the pores of your skin.

After wash process

After you have washed your face, pat dry with a soft towel and follow it up with a heavy moisturizing lotion.

Exfoliation also seems to benefit your skin in any possible way- whether your skin is oily or dry. You should always moisturize after exfoliation as the skin becomes really dry and taut. This is the way you need to exfoliate dry skin so that it feels fresh, clean and glowing.

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