How to apply a proper makeup?

If you are a novice in applying makeup, you must know about the proper ways and techniques to implement the makeup on your face. You have to know about the base makeup first, and finally, you can go for several makeup procedures. Lots of variations of makeup tips are available to guide you properly.


Know the basic makeup tricks

CTM: this is the original stuff for makeup. CTM stands for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. You have to use the process twice in a day, and this is the ultimate process that provides a flawless skin.

Base makeup: make your face more shiny and glossy by applying face makeup correctly. You have to put concealer first on your face, after that, choose the proper foundation according to your skin tone. There are several foundations available on the marketplace, which is good for your skin. After applying the foundation, you have to use the branded powder because you have to blend the whole base makeup accurately.

Eye makeup: after you have accomplished the base makeup you are allowed to do the proper eye makeup. Eyeliner, eye pencil, and eye shadow are the must have in eye makeup.

Lip makeup: finally you are allowed to do lip makeup. Try to use the proper lip color according to your skin tone.

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