How to Choose Proper Lipsticks for Lip care


A smile or a laugh can conquer the world, and to protect that and keep that intact one should look after their beautiful set of lips. Lipstick is one of the essential cosmetics in a woman’s everyday life and who does not wish for a pair of beautiful lustrous lips.

But regular usage may lead to darkening or producing side effects on the lips. So taking good care of them is essential and here is the “know how”.

Before Lipstick Application:

The first indication of the effects of lipstick might be rashes, itching or darkening of the lips. Due to the chemicals in the lipsticks these might occur. So it is very essential to maintain and take care of your lips prior to the application. Apply a good and if possible herbal moisturizer on your lips before applying the lipstick. This base layer of moisturizer would not only hydrate your skin but would also prevent the chemicals to directly settle on your lips.

After Lipstick Application:

Removal of lipstick is equally essential as the application. Owing to our busy schedule we generally get tired and skip this step of removal. Moreover, at times it becomes very difficult to remove lipsticks especially if it is a matte shade. There are certain make removers available, which can be used, or else any moisturizer or oil can come to the rescue. Applying either if one swipes with a cotton ball or tissue the lipstick comes off easily. Finally, before going to bed a crème should always be applied for hydrating the lips.

General Care:

Care of lips other than the application of lipstick is also mandatory for a pair of pretty pink lips. Applying milk based cream on the lips every night before sleeping should be a part of our regular routine. Olive oil or honey is also great substituent for moisturizer. Scrubbing the lips with kitchen sugar twice a week would remove the dry and dead cells and would bring out their actual color.

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