How to Get Beautiful and Flawless Skin

beautiful skinFirst of all, of course we need to cleansing. Every evening and in the morning be sure to take a bath. In the evening to wash away dirt and fatigue accumulated during the day, and also to allow the skin to breathe and actively recover in the night during sleep. In the morning, to wash away the sweat and grease that have made our skin during the night, and of course to cheer up and get energy for the day. The water temperature in any case should not be hot – it’s bad for your skin, its optimal temperature is about 37 ° C. The bath should not take longer than 15-20 minutes (they adversely affect the functioning of the heart). At the end of every bathing, it is advisable to rinse the body with cold (or cool water) this will increase the blood flow to the skin, accelerate the metabolism and will also help your skin to stay elastic for a long time. Wash should use rough scouring pads or oven mitts, and massage in a circular motion vigorously RUB the skin, it will help to get rid of dead cells and activates the metabolism.

It is also possible to prepare the various baths by adding essential oils, sea salt, milk, honey and other ingredients, which will have a rejuvenating, soothing, invigorating, refreshing, or antibacterial effect. Recipes such baths, see below.

1-2 times a week our skin needs deep cleansing. Try to make homemade body scrubs, they contain large abrasive particles that removes the top layer of dead skin cells that starts the process of cell renewal and the skin becomes smooth and delicate. Also, this procedure preserves the tone and elasticity of the skin and prevents the appearance of cellulite. Scrub apply on wet body and massage. Legs, thighs, buttocks and arms are massaged intensively, but the abdomen, chest, neck and decollete massage should be soft and gentle. The scrub should be left on the body for 3-5 minutes, then rinse.

After cleansing (especially after exfoliating) body is necessary to apply moisturizing, softening or nourishing products. This may be lotions, milks, creams, gels, oils, conditioners or mousses for the body. In winter, the texture of your body should be more rich and nutritious to protect your skin from the influence of cold, dry air and synthetic fabrics. In the summer, its texture may be lighter. You should pay special attention to elbows, knees, neck and upper chest, these areas with little care give the woman’s age, and sometimes added her a few more years. Do not also too often to apply for the body: 1-2 times a day is enough.

During application of cleansing for the body it is very helpful to do the massage. Choose a suitable hand massager and after application to the body, carefully massage your body using the massager. Thighs, buttocks and flanks is harder to massage other parts of the body. You can also ask your partner to give you a relaxing massage using special creams and oils. It will be a real compliment to your skin.

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