How to get beautiful and healthy nails?

Every female wants to have gorgeous, vigorous, pinkish nails that are polished and smooth. But sometimes that become stiff, start to flake, or some gray spots happen on there are. It occurs for all kinds of causes: exploitation of nail polish or nail polish remover; reluctance to put on domestic rubber gloves, when you clean or redecorate your house.


How to take care of nails?

To therapy such insufficiencies you can go for self-massage – moderately easy, though highly operative means. You are allowed to do the nail massage 2-3 times in a day, and there is no particular time limit, you can do it wherever and whenever you want. Try to relax your fingers and nails and massage properly. When you start a nil massage, you have to keep certain points in your mind just like you are not allowed to put pressure either on your fingers or your nails.

Start with a free hand stroke touching from the nail bones to the wrist joint. Then you can go for an oil massage. Olive oils or coconut oils are good for your nails. You are allowed to do it 3-4 times. Apart from the only nail rubbing, you should eat more calcium that helps your nails to grow stronger. Fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, are also assisted your nails in growing bigger and stronger.

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