How to get rid of blemishes in 3 weeks

Having blemishes on the face can really be a distress for people. It can have a psychological effect on people and people also tend to lack confidence. Here are some ways to get rid of blemishes.


Why are blemishes formed?

Blemishes are usually formed because of clogged pores in the facial skin. They mix with the oils that are secreted from the sebum and the pores are clogged. These clogged pores cause bacteria to form in the skin and this is the reason why blemishes are formed.

Applying a mixture of honey

Honey is known to have anti bacterial properties and they help to neutralize the blemishes that are caused by the bacteria. You can mix a bit of lemon and honey and then apply it on your skin before going to bed. Your damaged skin would be repaired and your blemishes would automatically vanish.

Ice cubes

Did you know that ice cubes also helps to remove blemishes from the skin? Wrap ice cubes in a handkerchief and rub it on the blemish for some time. Your blemish would disappear on its own and that also in no time. Mix some aloe Vera for better results.

Blemishes are known to be 100% curable and they can be cured in the natural way without any kind of problems or side effects. Try out these following tips and your blemishes would be reduced in just three weeks.

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