How to Make Face Cream At Home

Today, high-performance cream for facial skin can be cooked at home, and on its qualitative parameters, he will not yield to the factory cosmetics. Firstly, in the home face cream will contain only natural ingredients without fragrances, preservatives and dyes.

Homemade face cream – important rules of preparation

  • All of the components in the recipes creams are sold in drugstores in a respective stores. Buy should only be prescribed in the prescription product, rather than a means, containing it or the more substitutes.
  • Stick to the recipe, put the cream only in the specified products at the indicated doses.
  • To prepare homemade face creams require a new enamel bowl. It should be used only for cooking cream, cook it or is not recommended for other uses.
  • Also, you need a few glass jars small volume, you can use a jar of baby food. Syringe 5 ml., Clear tea spoon and fork for whipping cream, a small jar for the finished cream.

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