How to Prevent Wrinkles?

how to prevent wrinklesThe appearance of wrinkles is not always related to age-related changes. They are often the result of excessive emotionality and spent in the sun days, as well as genetic predisposition.

To get rid of them without a trace in only one way with the aid of specialists in plastic. But to slow down the process of aging and dermatological aging, reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin quality afford almost any woman at home.

Wrinkles ahead of time

The first wrinkle in the form of barely visible lines on the skin formed around the eyes, between the nose and mouth. Such wrinkles are called mimic, as they appear in the result of frequent muscle contractions of the face in laughter, anger, quarrel. If a person has excessive moving facial expressions, accustomed to frown or wrinkle your nose, this leads to the appearance of premature wrinkles

Improper care of skin, especially for dry skin also leads to premature wrinkles, not only on the face but on the body. So you need to carefully pick out beauty products, especially the cleanser, whitening cream and cosmetics.

Early appearance of wrinkles is influenced by the abundance of ultraviolet radiation, especially harmful direct sunlight. In addition, smoking destroys the collagen in skin cells.

Face wrinkle types:

  1. The first type is the so-called “tired” face: With this type of wrinkling is due to low elasticity of soft tissues, which in turn depends on genetics.
  2. Wrinkled face: For this type of characteristic wrinkles, caused by the early onset processes of dermatological aging.
  3. The natural style: The most common. The appearance of wrinkles caused by natural aging.
  4. The muscular type: It comprises the face on which the wrinkles appear due to excessive moving of the facial muscles.
  5. The deformed type: This group includes persons with features distorted fat – a fat cushion behind the neck, double chin.

How to fight with wrinkles?

The basis of leather are twisted fibers of collagen and elastin. Collagen fibers have the ability to absorb moisture from the epidermis and elasticity of the skin depends on the amount of moisture absorbed in the collagen layer. With age it becomes less elastic because the number of collagen fibers is reduced, and moisture, respectively, also becomes smaller. Therefore the skin so it is important to moisturize, this is a very good prevention of premature wrinkles.

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