How to remove make up after a party

You’ve just come back from the party and are really tired and would like to go straight to bed. Wait a minute. You need to remove the entire make up from your skin before going to bed. How can you remove the entire make up?


Step 1

Take a swab of cotton and dab some good brand toner in the cotton and gently rub the cotton on your face. Dab gently over the eyelid, cheek and chin and forehead and make sure it does not get into the eyes. Then slowly repeat the process with another cotton swab until the male up is all gone.

Step 2

After rubbing the makeup with the swab, slowly take some water and with a soapy cleanser, wash your face really well and pat dry. Stay like this for some time and let the pores breathe freely. Make up tends to block the pores of the face and thus dirt and sebum can accumulate in the same. Thus, it is important to wash the face well, so that the pores are thoroughly clean.

Step 3

After some time, use a good moisturizing lotion and apply all over the face and neck. Apply evenly so that it can be absorbed into the skin. The lotion helps to repair the damage caused in the skin for the makeup.

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