Know your Foundation

One should be aware of the basic beauty skills and make up turns out to be the primary of those. The basic among them are compact and foundation, which helps to create your skin tone on which other cosmetics are applied.

The basic point of this is not to make your make up look cake but to give a natural feel to it. Following are the steps to go by.

Choose your Foundation:

Everyone has a different skin type and choosing the perfect foundation according to that is preliminary. Your skin might be dry, oily, regular or sensitive and you might be confused which one to choose. Even a tinted moisturizer or a heavy foundation cream might be the question. So here you go. If your skin is oily choosing water based or oil free foundation is essential. Even compact works great. For a regular to dry skin moisturizing ones would go. For sensitive skin mineral based works best.

Find a Match to your Skin tone:

Finding the right shade for your skin is a tricky factor. The best option is to match it to the tone of your body. If possible, choosing one with a good SPF is also beneficial. The sun or store lights can be misleading; so trying it on regular light is the key. Even mixing two shades in a palette to get the desired color might also work. Contouring is usually done with dual shades.

How to apply:

The basic factor that should be kept in mind before putting on makeup is moisturizing the skin after cleansing and exfoliating. If the makeup is not sun protected then applying a sunscreen before putting on the makeup would be wise. Next putting on the foundation in dots on your face and next and blending them in circular motion would be the next step. Foundation brush and puffs can also come handy. Ultimately, dabbing a little compact for the finishing touch creates a perfect base for the makeup.

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