Knowing the beauty secrets of a perfect pair of feet

Though many people ignore this part of their body, your feet can be really important when it comes to maintaining them. There are various beauty secrets that women follow in order to keep their feet in shape. Read on if you want beautiful feet.


Clean feet are always lovely

Pedicure once a week to keep your feet in shape. Pedicure involves cleaning your feet with the help of a warm water soapy solution and then exfoliating with the help of a foot scrub. Dirty feet are prone to cracking, dryness and many more things. A foot cares helps to keep your feet nice and clean and it also helps to get rid of the fungal infections in your toenails, and soften cracked heels.

Trim and file nails

Always keep your toenails trimmed and filed and you can also apply nail enamel. These help to prevent ingrown toenails that may really be painful. A nail polish also looks good on your nails and they help to protect the nails as well. However too much use of nail polish may spoil your nail enamel.

Apart from visiting foot spas, you can clean your feet at home itself with these simple and easy tips

  • Cut and trim nails properly
  • Soak in lukewarm water that has soap and exfoliate with the help of a scrub
  • Dry your feet well and apply a moisturizer
  • Put on a sock so that your feet stay warm and cozy and does not accumulate dust.

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