Korean Face Whitening Tips and Advices

What are the secrets of perfect skin beauty of Korean women? As we all know, Korean women are gorgeous with their lighten skin. Also they have natural beauty as we all know. Of course you’re wondering that how can be their skin so white and bright. In this article, you’ll get the lighten skin secrets of Korean women.

We all know the white skin passion of the Korean girls. But actually they are not white-skinned as we thought. Korean women have many skin care rituals. They try many ways to be white skinned. Why? Because, white skin is a symbol of innocence and dignity for Korean girls. Generally, people living in villages in rural areas do not become white-skinned. So what are they doing in order to have white skin?

Rice Water

Rice water is one of the home remedy applied by the Koreans at home to have white skin. For skin whitening, they prepare an efficient face mask.

Soak rice in water and let stand for a while. Then, strain out the rice water into a bowl. Your rice water is ready to apply your skin. After applied, it is not necessary to clean your face with water. Please note that the rice contains vitamin C and nourish the skin. Also protects our skin from the sun.

Rice Facial Mask

The rice facial mask can help to whitening your skin. This home remedy is suitable for all skin types. Add rice flour to the milk and water. Mix them until rice mask turns into a paste. Apply to your face with your fingertips and rinse with after 15 minutes.

BB Creams

BB creams are best face whitening solution. They protect your skin from the sun, at the same time they provide the regeneration of the skin. If you do not have a very troubled skin covers skin imperfections very well. BB creams are most effective ways to covering acne scars

Skin Lightening Creams

Skin lightening products are indispensable for Korean girls. The main ingredient of skin lightening creams is rice. Korean girls are consistently use these creams to have white skin. Also, many cosmetic product contains whitening cream in Korea.

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