Korean Night Facial Skincare Routine

The basic principle of the Korean and Japanese skin care – bedding, consistent application of large amounts of funds. Each tool has its own texture and has a different effect on the skin.

  • The first stage of the evening skin care – make-up removal and skin cleansing. More often than Koreans using a two-step skin cleansing system consisting of hydrophilic oils and cleansing foam.
  • We live in cities with polluted air, our skin is often subjected to aggressive influences and require additional deep cleansing. Therefore, 1-2 times a week, depending on skin type.
  • Asian tonics are not like European and are used for very different purposes. Asian tonics texture like thick water.
  • Serum is a highly concentrated agent for intensive skin care.
  • The operating principle of a lotion or emulsion is similar to the principle of action of the European moisturizer.
  • For dry and normal skin is recommended to use an oil-based cream on gel-cream with a light texture more suitable for oily and combination skin.

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