Korean Skin Care Tips For Combination Skin

Millions of dollars are spent each year for skin care products and cosmetics. The fastest growing sector of the Korea is cosmetic and plastic surgery industry. Everyone wants to look great and they are willing to pay for it.

Combination Skin

Skin is our only constant costume. Also, skin is the most extensive formation of the body. This is the same important organ of our body like the kidneys, or the lungs, or liver. Skin cells produce substances (interferons and interleukins) for immune system. In addition, the skin prevents the penetration of harmful microorganisms and toxic chemicals.

Combination skin (often it is called mixed) is a fairly common skin type. At first glance, this type is very similar to the normal rarely seen type of skin. Combination skin features are  a natural shine (because of the sebum), soft and supple skin. However, in some parts of the skin is dryness. But with careful closer inspection you can see that the average of the face (also called T-zone). The pores in the T-zone usually look larger than in other parts of the face. Dry skin occurs in the eyes, forehead and cheeks. If your T-zone is shiny, this is not a reason to apply anti-grease products.

Combination skin means individual care for the problem areas of skin. Face cleansing is very important procedure with using some of special preparations which answer to your skin requirements.

Moisturizing Cream

After washing your face, your skin immediately needs moisturizing toner.. It is more important to moisturize the skin by Koreans. I recommend the best of the currently existing Korean herbal care. Use the toner to T- zone every morning and evening. This will help keep the shine, relieve inflammation (if any) and for refresh the skin.  Combination skin cosmetics series and creams are available in many popular brands.

Additional advices for combination skin is peeling and cleansing mask. In the case of combination skin, peeling is used less frequently than for oily. Do not apply peeling to the dry areas of the face. You can massage only the T-zone and cheeks to get more gently skin. Creams and emulsions for combination skin should contain a lot of moisture and not too much oil.

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