Laser Hair Removal: Benefits and Side Effects

what is laser hair removalThe principle of laser epilation is based on the destruction of hair follicles by the laser beam. This is a relatively quick and painless procedure that gives a lasting effect and without the potential of ingrown hairs. By this method it is possible to do hair removal not only on the legs, but the bikini area and the armpits.

After laser hair removal the hair becomes thin, light and sparse. But not all beauty salons offer laser hair removal. Partly because of the high cost of services, partly due to the discredit of the method, this procedure did not become popular. There is a danger to get to the salon, where specialists work without sufficient qualification, in addition to the lasers of the previous generation, and this increases the risk of formation of keloid scars on the laser beam. Some inexpensive lasers affect the melanin located not only in hair but in skin that can cause burns. Modern lasers have the ability of selective effect on melanin and have quite a wide area of influence on the skin, which makes the procedure more effective.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is destruction of hair follicles with a light beam of a specific wavelength. The wavelength used is not contains ultraviolet rays, refers to the visible spectrum of light, so it is absolutely harmless. If the procedure produced unprofessional, it may burn. The effectiveness of the method depends on the hardness of the hair. Laser hair removal is ideal for removing dark hair on light skin, good for hair removal on the face, bikini area and underarms, especially successful in the removal of vellus hair.

The principle of laser hair removal

The day before the procedure is necessarily performed test for skin reaction. The patient must put on protective goggles and treat the skin surface with a laser beam. Unlike electrolysis, the laser method destroys several follicles. The number of procedures depends on the zone, age, hormonal levels. After the first session the hair growth is delayed for 2-3 months. For their complete removal required repeated sessions. The minimum number of procedures 3-4. After laser hair removal in a few weeks is not recommended the exposure to the sun.

In this method there are side effects usually pass within 3 days; pigmentation, redness, local erythema, edema.

There isn’t absolute contraindications to laser hair removal no, but keep in mind that this procedure is not recommended in case of diabetes, pregnancy, varicose veins, increased photosensitivity of the skin, dermatological disorders, tendency to form keloid scars on tanned skin.

With all the advantages of this procedure, cosmetologists do not advise to resort to using a laser without a serious need, since the impact suppresses the immune system. In addition, it is impossible to guess how many times you will need to repeat the expensive operation, because hair growth depends on the type of “hairy”, a common hormonal structure of the hair. That is, the number of sessions is determined individually.

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