Learning Beauty Secrets of the world

All cultures have their personal description of beauty and personal unique ways of caring for them. All of us are getting to know beauty tips from across the earth. The ladies from Brazil have gorgeous legs sans of cellulite. But what is it that they do? They prefer taking a blend of sea salt & water and make a mix.


Once this is done they drape it onto the legs for massaging the muscles.

  • Chinese are known to opt for a mishmash of sizzling water, a bit of olive oil, rosemary, & green tea. Put in the green colored tea onto the scorching water, olive oil, and rosemary blend and allow it to stay for a period of roughly twenty minutes. This happens to be the very old Chinese secret that lends a striking gleaming hair.
  • Now onto the Spanish secret behind for highlighting brown colored hair. Fill up a glass with identical parts of mineral water and strawberry juice. Following washing of your hair, set this aside and also allow it to set for roughly twenty minutes. Subsequently, soak it out and the result would be stunning highlights. You’re also able to do this by the use of a lemon juice on your hair being blond. French ladies are aware of the secret behind beautiful skin, which is milk. They prefer taking milk baths. They also put milk on the hair, allow it to marinate in for roughly 15 minutes.

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