Mimic Wrinkles Correction (Botulinum Toxin)

botulinum toxinWrinkles are called so because they are formed in areas of active movement of facial muscles. Most often they are localized in the forehead, eyes, mouth and between eyebrows. A distinctive feature of this defect is that it can manifest itself at a very early age, when age wrinkles are not yet available. It is because of premature aging effect of the skin wrinkles in need of correction.

How To Remove Wrinkles?

At the present time to eliminate this defect applies effective and tested method – the injection of botulinum toxin or Botox. This drug is able to block nerve impulses coming to the muscle and thereby immobilize them. This effect is reversible, full recovery is observed after about half a year. Then the procedure can be repeated again, but be aware that over time develops tolerance to the drug and therefore the severity of the result may decrease.

The procedure of injection is very fast – about 10 minutes. Using a thin needle the doctor injects small doses of the active substance in a pre-defined zone, previously numb them. The amount of Botox is calculated individually based on the size of the muscles forming the folds of skin. Strict adherence to dosage and point injection to avoid serious side effects and achieve the desired result.

Drugs For The Correction Of Facial Wrinkles

Currently, there are several varieties of preparations containing botulinum toxin. They have similarities and some differences, that allows to apply them to solve specific tasks. The most popular are the following names:

Botox is the first drug that began to be used in cosmetics. It consists of botulinum toxin type a and auxiliary components. The maximum effect after administration of Botox develops after 2 weeks and lasts from 4 to 7 months, after which the drug is metabolized and excreted from the body.

Dysport has the same active ingredient, but the size of molecules is somewhat smaller. So it quickly manifests its action, but also quickly destroyed. In addition, the cost of Dysport is slightly lower than Botox, which is associated with a lower concentration.

Kseomin, like its predecessors, consists of a botulinum toxin type A, but the degree of its purification is much higher, thus reducing the likelihood of complications. The size of the molecules of the basic substance still less, therefore maximum the effect develops in 4-7 days after the procedure and last up to 4 months.

Such an abundance of drugs can cause problems of choice of the uninformed patient, so a mandatory step of the procedure is to consult a doctor who will help determine the most optimal drug required to achieve the goal.

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