Most essential skin care tips for teenage skin

Teenage skin can have a number of issues like pimples, acnes, skin blemishes as well as sebaceous filaments and blackheads. However, these are problems can be taken care of by a proper skin care regime.   


Avoid oily food

Teenagers in general tend to have oily and fried food like pizzas, hamburgers and French fries to name a few. These foods help your skin to turn oilier in the long run that can give rise to acne and pimples as well. The first secret to clean glowing skin is avoiding all kinds of junk food and oily food, sugar stuff and food that are bad for health. Instead, try out more fruits and green vegetables, a proper and a balanced diet and good eating habits.

Avoid too much make up

Though makeup can make you look really good, it can harm your skin as well. A lot of makeup contains harmful chemicals and toxic material that can cause your skin to dry up and lose its moisture. They may also add scar marks and blemishes to your skin. Teenagers tend to use makeup frequently while going on dates, going to parties and more. If you are really keen on using makeup, use herbal makeup that is good for the skin. And do not forget to remove your make up before going to bed! This falls under a good skin care regime.

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