Natural hair cares therapies

Most women, as well as men, dream about having gorgeous shining hair They use an extensive assortment of hair care products like oils, shampoos, conditioners to take good care of hair. But slight do they know that certain of the hair care products can have harmful effects on their hair as of the presence of chemicals in the cosmetic products.


Causes of hair loss

Hair falls or hair loss is the biggest issue for both men and women, and there are certain reasons behind hair falls. For men, the most major issue androgenic hormones; because of the imbalance of hormones the male body produces estrogens and testosterone, and hair loss makes a matter for them.

Women suffer from this problem after menopause. Along with above reasons, there are more causes for hair loss such as pollution, inadequate nutrition, stress, scalp damage, smoking, etc.

Tips to prevent hair loss

Moisture- Use essential oils like egg oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc. and make your hair glowing and shiny.

Rub- Try rubbing your hair with ginger juice, cucumber juice, lemon juice, etc.

Tea- Green tea is essential for hair, so try to rub your hair with green tea.

Try to protect your hair from UV rays and pollution and cover your hair with soft clothes when you are outside.

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