Plastic Surgery in South Korea

I have good news for you: the transformation of Cinderella to a princess has been made possible thanks to plastic surgery.

“Plastic surgery works wonders” – the phrase I want to say, when you see the results of plastic surgery in South Korea. According to statistics, each 5th inhabitant of Seoul at least once has been used the services of a plastic surgeon at South Korean Capital. The standard of beauty in Korean as follows: porcelain skin, elegant nose, big eyes and a V-shaped chin.

South Koreans want to be more similar to the Europeans, so the most popular operation is blepharoplasty. For example, Korean girls want to get rid of Asian eyes, nose and at the same time corrected the shape of the lips with the help of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery in South Korea has become a real trend. Even in an interview, a South Korean woman admitted that she resorted to plastic surgery. Members of the Korean beauty contest are not consider shameful to adjust their appearance with the help of plastic surgery. In the press, there was even a joke that they are “made” all though, a blueprint and similar, like twins.

A visit to a plastic surgeon in South Korea equated with a planned visit to the dentist or physician. In this country, plastic surgery is not considered something reprehensible, so the girls unabashedly brag that they have corrected themselves.

The ideal face actress is Kim Tae Hee for the Koreans. Currently, South Korea is booming plastic surgery. Most of Korean Girls have a fantastic transformation. The most requested surgery among men is nose reshaping surgery and orthognathic surgery. Who said that a man should be a little nicer? In South Korea, most men strongly disagree to this idea.

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Most people in South Korea have no problems with being overweight, but some people resorted to liposuction to get even slimmer and slimmer. The services of plastic surgeons have not resorted by only Korean movie and TV stars, but also ordinary housewife have resorted cause of the low cost. Most often subjected to correction of the nose and eyelids. The most popular surgery is requested due to the beautiful facial contours and cheekbones.

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