Popular Korean Beauty Secrets All Women Need to Know

Army fans of Korean culture is growing with each passing day we learn to do kimpab, we listen to k-pop, watch Korean TV series and want to look like their protagonists. They have flawless skin! I want to share with you the peculiarities of the Korean skin care, which is different from European and lets you look great, even without makeup.

If you’re flipping through the cable channels at least once stayed in the Korean TV series or video, could not miss: the skin of many Korean celebrities virtually perfect and no makeup. I also drew attention to it, and I was wondering: what is their secret? It’s all about the peculiarities of climate and cuisine? Or, the principles of facial skin care, different from our own?

In Korea, women give special attention to appearance and clear skin. Do not “gloss over” deficiencies and prevent their appearance. That is the main rule of the Korean care. It is based on a specific sequence of cosmetic procedures and the use of natural resources. Korean beauty begins with a thorough face cleansing and most importantly intensive moisturizing the skin every morning. Before starting to write the name of miracle cures, remember how and then to apply them. If you know the basic steps, you can pick up what you need to your skin.

Many Korean women use special methods during washing their face with foam or cream-soap. Also they use body sponge for face cleaning. This is a natural sponge from the roots of the eponymous Japanese plants. It easily removes old skin cells and cleans pores.

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Use: rinse your face with warm water to open the pores. It is easy to massage your hands with using body sponge. After the procedure, rinse with cool water. After washing, immediately apply the toner to your face. Koreans claim that after washing the skin begins to lose moisture instantly, so you need to use a toner. Toner will not only help retain moisture, but also prepare the skin for further hydration and nutrition. The additional step is serum that you can use depending on the needs of your skin. This also applies to the peeling and masks. Night mask is popular among Korean women to look fresh and radiant.

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