Protecting your skin from salt and sea water

Surfing and swimming can improve your health and at the same time helps you to keep fit and healthy. But the salty seawater can be a problem to your skin. It can dry your skin and absorb all the moisture from your skin. Here are some skin care tips for people who are avid surfers.


Points to remember while out in the sea

Always look for a skin care formula that you can apply on your skin before you enter the water. This skin care formula will not clog the pores of your skin. Always be extra judicious with your sunscreen lotion. Also, always apply a lip balm with an SPF of 30.If you have really dry hair, and then consider wearing a cap when you get into the salty seawater.

After you get out of the water

If you are prone to rashes, then try applying a skin care cream that can keep out rashes. You’re backing usually prone to rashes if you are out in the water. Skip the peeling shoulders and put on the rash vest. Once you are out of the water, bathe well with fresh and clean water and then apply a heavy moisturizer that would help your skin to be smooth and moist.

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