Skin care tips for black men

Men who have dry and coarse skin are known to have razor bumps. Around 50% men live with the issue of razor bumps on their face and this causes itchiness, burning and scarring of the skin. So how can this problem be solved? Read on.


Below are some shaving tips for ingrown hair that may relieve the skin.

  1. Use a shaving lotion that may help to relieve the pain and the itchiness. Ladies can also use this technique to shave under their arms or their pubic hair.
  2. Always ensure that you are shaving with a clean blade, which might not cause any kind of infection. Use disposable blades which can be thrown off
  3. When you shave your hair, always shave in the direction of the hair growth. Do not shave on the opposite direction
  4. Never eat food that may cause allergies in the skin. Fatty food for food containing oils should be avoided
  5. Do not stretch your skin while shaving. Many men have a tendency of pulling the skin of their cheeks, chin and face. This may cause the skin to get dark or discolored. This is actually true for light skinned or fair skinned people.

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