Skin care tips for frequent fliers

Are of one of those who have to fly for miles on a regular basis? Then you must be aware that every time you walk onto a plane, you need to face those oxygen gases and gases in the plane. So how do you take care of your skin in this condition?


There are some ways in which you can take care of your skin while you are on flight

  1. Avoid drinking too many liquid diuretics such as tea, coffee, soda or alcohol. They do not help in water retention and thus your skin tends to get very dried up in the plane. You should drink allot of bottled water as well as drinks and lemon water. Lime has a fresh effect on your skin as it contains Vitamin C
  2. Make a face toner and use it often on your skin. Empty a bottle and put some water in it with a lavender spray, sandalwood and Neola.
  3. Always keep some Shea butter moisturizer or any other moisturizer ready for yourself. Since your skin tends to get dried up easily, you should use this moisturizer at regular intervals
  4. In case you tend to have dry flakes in your hair, then you can just rub a mixture of lavender oil in the scalp and last but not the least, take a nice bath with Epsom salts and Lavender to soothe yourself.

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