Skin care tips for your new tattoo

You’ve recently got a new tattoo and you are very excited. However, did you know that white Tattoos are fresh; your skin may also be prone to infections? How can you take care of your skin after getting a new tattoo now? Read on.


Keep your skin dry

After you have got a new tattoo done, you need to gently shake off the excess water and pat it dry very gently with your hand. Do not use a rough towel or do not rub it hard. This will irritate the skin more. Also remember not to over wash your skin more than required for removing the bloodstains that have been created. It will slowly vanish with time.

Keep your skin moisturized

Always try and keep your skin moisturized. Use a gentle and a mild body cream that can be applied to your skin. Apply as much as required and not much. Wipe off the extra cream and remember not to rub or massage on the skin too hard or it may hurt. It is good to apply body cream frequently so that your skin does not dry up and wrinkle. This is how you can take care of your skin right after having a Tattoo done.

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