Stages of Body Care at Home

Stages of Body Care at HomeNature has tried to make sure that our body was perfect initially, but youth, unfortunately, is not eternal. Therefore, the sooner we will begin to regularly take care of your body, the longer it will remain granted by the beauty of nature but most women forget about it.

For the face we should care carefully because it is in the mind always, but the skin of the body receives little attention to take care of her we “rush” just before the start of the beach season.

Perhaps the skin of the body and ages later, but the sebaceous glands in it less, so without proper care it becomes thinner, dry and scaly. Minor injuries and damage on the body heal worse, so deep exfoliating body skin, unlike skin, is not recommended.

If you do not care for the body, the skin of the arms, legs and thighs begins to fade, droop and become flabby – to return the elasticity to those parts of the body hard, so it is better to try to save it, and care should be regular, not “when I have time”.

The skin of the body, like skin, has its own characteristics. On the back and upper chest sebaceous glands more – where the skin is oily, but on the belly, thighs, and buttocks faster it loses moisture and gets dry – normal skin with age, usually becoming dry, and this process begins somewhere after 35 years. If often have to take different drugs, or body weight often changes, aging of the skin is accelerated; in winter the skin suffers is stronger and requires more thorough care.

Stages of pampering

Body care can be represented in the form of several stages – all in the same way as a person: cleansing, hydration and nutrition.

The body products should be applied in a thicker layer than the facial to each skin layer could get nutrients.

So that the skin better absorb the cosmetic, circulation should be quite active, so, no matter how tired everyone to hear about the charge, every morning should start with her. Physical exercises increase blood flow food is better absorbed by the skin and keeps it elasticity and freshness. Buttocks, hips and stomach while charging it is necessary to pay more attention to, and immediately after the exercise to take a shower.

It begins with the soul and cleansing – this is the 1st step. It is not necessary to take a hot or too cool shower – it is better to make the water temperature moderate; if you need to cheer up, shower can be a contrast. during showering the body need to rub hard sponge, brush or a mitten from the bottom up, starting from the toes, in a circular motion as dead skin cells are sloughed off, and metabolic processes in the skin are activated.

Bathing – also a means of cleansing the body’s skin, but a hot bath should be taken only when needed – for example, colds, bronchitis, etc. For skin hot tubs harmful: the water should be warm, about 37 ° C, and the bath can take less than 20 minutes.

If you follow these rules, taking baths improve metabolism, blood circulation and the nervous system; very helpful and after a bath himself with water cold water from the shower.

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