Stone Therapy: Massage with Stones

massage with stonesWhich woman has not heard about the ancient rejuvenating techniques or methods used by the ancients thousands of years ago to rejuvenate and maintain health? Our ancestors were have all of hardware procedures. This procedure can be attributed to stone therapy massage for the body with hot stones.

Stone therapy is a procedure the ancient. In Mesopotamia, the doctors laid on the body of the patient small hot stones. Treatment of stones is based on the temperature effect on the blood vessels change modes of heat and cold. It is believed that the stones shall inform the body about what it lacks. No wonder the ancient Indians believed that some stones are able to take away bad energy, and the Japanese monks thousands of years ago knew and used the healing properties of hot rocks. Loved to luxuriate under the warm stones of a Chinese Empress and the ancient Romans. And in our time, beauty and vanity still not get along, and therefore become popular ancient methods of stress relief.

Modern methods of stone therapy has developed by member of the American Association of massage therapists from Arizona. The technique is based on special touch and a special massage using hot and cold stones with the use of acupressure shiatsu. The stones of various sizes (usually a rare, exotic stones, such as jade or Hawaiian pebbles) are heated in a special apparatus; a few warm stones placed on various active points on the body positively affects certain internal organs.

Massaging with these stones can positively influence many organs, normalizes metabolism and microcirculation in the tissues (due to temperature effects), and, most importantly, this massage has an incredible relaxing and harmonizing effect; even after one session you will notice a positive effect of massage not only the body but also for the soul. Women often stabiliziruemost hormones, and you remember that hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of cellulite; stress, which also triggers cellulite and premature aging, too, retreats; and the effect of relaxation of the procedure is sometimes so powerful that even on the face are smoothed out some wrinkles so positive and relaxing impetus to get the muscles of the face (even if the massage was performed only on body). The session lasts approximately 30 minutes. For best results, should be done 5-6 treatments. The entire course of the hot stone massage will cost you about $ 100.

The effect of stone therapy depends on the temperature of the stones, from the intensity of the massage, from different components of the session.

According to ancient knowledge, the stones are reservoirs, in which the accumulated energy of the earth. Stones of volcanic rocks, for example basalt, is also unique in the fact that they found refuge from the four elements; the living fire, water, earth and air. They are eager to share their energy, therefore they are used for stone therapy.

Stone therapy is not aimed at reducing weight or getting rid of orange peel. After stone therapy you have to fight only with its manifestations on your body.

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