Summer skin care tips

Summer is the time when your skin is scorched by the UV rays of the sun. You need to give your skin special protection and care during the summer season. Here are some summer care tips that can help you to maintain your skin well.


Wear a sun block cream and a hat and scarf

It is very important that when you go out into the scorching rays of the sun, you apply a suntan cream with SPF 30 or more. A sunscreen lotion will help your skin to be protected from the UV rays of the sun Avoid going out from 11 in the morning to 4 in the noon as this is the best time to get scorched. Also cover your face and hair with a scarf and a hat.

Does not use sunscreen on babies a sunscreen lotion should not be applied to babies at it may harm their skin? Parents need to protect their babies less than six months from the scorching rays of the sun. In case he needs to be taken out, make him wear a hat, full sleeved shirts and pant.

These are some tips when you are going out on a summer afternoon.

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