Taking care of your Knees and Elbows

The skin of our knees and elbows are evidently different from that of the rest of the body and in less humid weather they become chapped, dry and even broken.

So taking care of those is very important. Beauty would enhance if every part of the body were well taken care of. Underneath are the list of do’s and don’ts in the routine of your daily care of your knees and elbows.


The skin of our knees and elbows are thick. People who work for long hours resting on these joints tend to have a darker coloration of these areas. These pigmentations are very difficult to be removed. These areas of the body need hydration and miniaturization more than other parts of the body. To obtain a light skin and soft skinned of elbows and knees exfoliation is very necessary. Scrubbing is a must, which helps to remove the layers of dry skin, which makes this part of the skin harsh.


Vitamin C is a very essential ingredient for the thick skin of knees and elbows. So citrus fruits like Lime, Lemon and Oranges should be consumed as well as used from the exterior for the skin care of these rough areas. So after scrubbing cleansing with basic soap and water are also important. Proper everyday hygiene is necessary for the cleanliness of the whole body.


The final step towards obtaining a pair of beautiful and soft knee and elbow is proper miniaturization. Creams with honey, aloe Vera, and apple extracts are good for the skin. Even ripe avocado if applied directly can also be beneficial. Moreover, care should be taken to wear elbow and knee pads in case if you lean on them and work. If the skin is too dry olive oil is a good remedy to rejuvenate the rough patches.

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