The Basic Principles of the Korean Skin Care

The main difference between Western and Korean facials system is that the Koreans are taught to care for their skin on a daily basis from an early age. For Korean women, the routine of youth and beauty is a priority. So they spend a lot of time to prevention of age-related changes and adhere to a strict regime, aimed at maintaining the health of the skin.

The Double Cleansing Method

Korean women know the importance of the clean face. So, most of them have a radiant skin. The first step of the procedure is the use of cosmetic products based on oil to remove your makeup. Next, apply cleansing foam to remove dirt. These two steps are necessary in order that there are different types of contaminants which can be removed by various types of products.

You can use oil-based products and cosmetics to remove sebum from your skin. Water-based cosmetics are good to remove sweat and other contaminants. A two-step approach ensures effective cleaning of the epidermal layer, so you can get a smooth, radiant skin. Gels are not very popular in Korea. They believe that gels can cause the dry skin. After cleansing, Koreans necessarily wipe their face with toner without alcohol content. The best choice is to use a mild sedative, reducing pH balance of your skin.

It is required to carry out a peeling on your face one or two times a week, whereby deep pores that the upper layer of the epidermis is peeled and cleaned. The procedure tightens skin and smoothes wrinkles, and most importantly – stimulates the accelerated renovation and regeneration of cells, slowing the aging process.


To preserve youth, health and beauty epidermal layer ensure adequate hydration. South Korean women use thermal water to moisturize their skin and they prefer light non-greasy creams with watery consistency which include herbal ingredients and hyaluronic acid. All those beauty routines support the structure of the collagen fibers and deeply nourishes the skin with moisturisers, binding water molecules in the outer layer.

Another common method is used of special cosmetics with a moisturizing effect. Masks are applied for 20-30 minutes, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate into the epidermal cells.

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