The best way to choose sunscreen lotions

In today’s age of pollution, sunscreen lotions are very important, which maintains a screen between your skin and the external sunlight and dust. But how to choose a proper sunscreen for your skin


The most important aspect, which you should definitely look at, at the time of choosing a sunscreen is its Sun Protection Factor or SPF. The more the SPF, the better will be its quality. You should know how SPF is measured. Once you know how SPF is measured, you can find it easy to choose the best sunscreen for you.

If your skin remains healthy in sunlight for a certain amount of time, on the application of the particular sunscreen lotion, your skin will remain healthy for the hours, which is a multiple of the SPF given on the sunscreen lotion. SPF 15 and SPF 30 are the 2 most commonly available sunscreen lotions, which are available in the market nowadays.

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