The Night Regime: Make your skin soft and supple


The regular busy routine takes a toll on our skin. After the tiresome day if the skin is not properly cleaned and maintained, then it might lead to premature ageing and wrinkles.

Therefore if only 10 minutes are given on ones skin care regime daily one might receive a glamorous and youthful skin in the long run. If the mentioned routine is followed on a regular basis you will receive a skin that would glow throughout the day and the affects of age would not be seen on your skin for a long time.


Washing face with plain water is not enough for it does not the accumulated pollutants that stay on your face throughout the day. Using a proper face wash is the basic essentiality. Using a cleanser with the help of cotton balls or wet wipes also proves to be helpful as the pollutants are cleaned from the deeper levels.


Scrubbings help in exfoliating the pollutants as well as the accumulated dead cells which itself creates a layer of impurity. Removal of these would help in cleaning the pore and opening them for hydration. This hydration is mostly provided if a toner is accompanied along with it, which helps to close these pores. This toner does not only rejuvenate the skin but the astringent in it helps to keep the skin soft supple and young.


Moisturizing before bedtime is very important because along with the sleep all the skin gets rest and the moisturizer works its nourishing magic. A cream based moisturizer should be applied on the face and neck in circular movements before sleeping. Even a lotion for hands and feet as well as a milk based cream for lips if applied every night would give you a beautiful skin which would look radiant in the morning and glamorous and nourished throughout the day.

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