Tips for a great skin this summer season

Summer is the worst time of the year and it also is bad for your skin. Your skin tends to get scorched and burnt by the rays of the sun and acnes and pimples are also on the breakout because the skin tends to produce more oil. How can you treat your skin in summer? Read on.


Protecting your skin with a sunscreen lotion and a big hat and full sleeves

It is really important that to apply a suntan cream with SPF 30 or more when you are out in the sun a sunscreen lotion will protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. The best time to go out for work is before 11 in the morning and do not get out till the sun has set. Also cover your face and hair with a scarf and a hat.

Carry a sunscreen

Also, always carry a sunscreen toner and a face wash in your bag. Your skin tends to sweat in the summer and also produce more oil. So in such cases, opting for sunscreen would be a better idea for your aid.

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