What is the difference between day creams and night creams?

Both day creams and night creams serve their own purpose as far as skin care is concerned. However both have their own differences. Read on to know more and what they should be used differently.


Day creams

Day creams are known to be lighter and less oily and help your skin to glow during the day as well. They contain a great deal of moisturizers with skin regenerating peptides and antioxidants. They also comprise of skin lightening agents like licorice, and Konica acid. They are best used during daytime and can settle under make up as well.

Night cream

Night creams are known to be heavier and are emollient. They contain a variety of compounds that can stay for long hours. They combine multiple ingredients that are good for the skin. They are known to be deep moisturizing and anti aging and they are available with retinol and glycolic acid that hydrate the skin and help in skin repair.

Day creams are very good for your skin and they have a number of anti aging benefits as well, while night creams help to moisturize the skin. Both of the creams have their pros and thus both should not be skipped on.

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